HackForGood: Grab Hackathon 2022

1277 Registered Allowed team size: 1 - 5
1277 Registered Allowed team size: 1 - 5

Winners are announced.

Submission Phase
starts on:
May 29, 2022, 06:30 PM
ends on:
Jun 13, 2022, 08:00 AM



Calling all Innovators!

Grab is looking for the next generation of techies to take the world by storm. If you thrive on hacking out ideas and have a keen eye for improving products, we want you to join HackForGood, Grab’s 2022 Hackathon!

The Top 10 teams for the Finale are:

  1. AgroChain ( Team: Intelegix )
  2. Avana ( Team: Sumadga )
  3. Fi.tree ( Team: Team Yakiniku )
  4. Geolytics.AI - AI enabled Natural Disaster Risk Management ( Team: TerraHackers )
  5. Grab DC Universe - Grab Distribution Chain Universe ( Team: agung8_818e )
  6. Grab Talk2Me ( Team: Grab4You )
  7. Grab Traditional Market ( Team: Round Tofu )
  8. GRABDonate ( Team: Zeus)
  9. GrabSave ( Team: anushka5purohit )
  10. NutrIoTion ( sanath2604_4d10 )


The world is hungry for change. Are you? Help Grab honor its mission to drive Southeast Asia forward by creating economic empowerment for everyone. Grab seeks to enable great talents in the region like yourself, to pick up challenges and design solutions that will create social impact, empower communities, and help South East Asia to emerge stronger from the pandemic. You are empowered and have the skills to make use of opportunities. What if you turned around and helped others in your community? If not you, who?

Our hackathon has 4 themes for you to frame your ideas around. Happy Hacking!

Theme 1: Creating Social Impact

You care to make an impact on society using your knowledge. In today’s connected, global village, awareness of social issues and how our actions affect the environment are as relevant and crucial conversations as ever. The problems are out there, and you can leave your mark.

Creating social impact takes a multi-lever approach:

•How can you and Grab promote reducing waste?

•How can we push the envelope of the Grab Ecosystem to create a more environmentally friendly environment ?

•Can you make use of Grab’s resources to promote social equality?

•Think on how you can partner with Grab to reduce the environmental footprint of human activity.

Theme 2: Empowering the community

You want to enable a higher form of empowerment for all communities in South East Asia. When given access to proper tools people use their creative instinct to rise up to day-to-day challenges and transform the communities around them.

•The digital divide is stronger than a border between states. Can you replace it with a bridge between the online and offline worlds?

•Imagine a digitalized Southeast Asia where everyone has online services, has access to banking and the financial literacy to use it, and the skills to navigate it. Can you add a brick to this foundation?

•Use Grab’s resources to put the socially and economically vulnerable on the digital world map. Help emergency services find their way to people in need. Let the world know about village Mom and Pop stores. Do you feel up to it?

Theme 3: Emerging stronger

How can you and Grab help your community emerge stronger from the current phase of the pandemic? In a time of a serious health crisis, every bit of help matters.

•Looking both to the future and the lessons learned during the past years, think of ways to innovate the ‘new normal’ with Grab’s help.

•Can you help Grab better serve the community’s health?

•How can you help volunteers and people in need find each other?

Theme 4: You know better than us (Open format)

You are close to the ground truths and know first-hand the needs of your communities. We understand that we have probably missed something important, and your brilliant idea might not fit in any of the themes above. Bring it! If not you, who? Create your own problem statement, idea on the problem statement, and the solution you’re looking to offer.

Prizes USD 10,500 in prizes

Main Prizes
1st Prize Champion
USD 5000

The winning hack will walk away with USD 5,000 ... and bragging rights!

1st Runner Up
USD 3,000
2nd Runner Up
USD 1,500
Special Prizes
Special Mention: #OurKindOfGreen
USD 500

This prize is for the hackathon group that had a special oompf in their presentation and submission. It is for a group that embodies #OurKindofGreen and has a strong resonance of Grab's values and mission in their submission

Special Mention: Most Unique Submission
USD 500

This prize is for the hackathon group that had the most peculiar point of view, and had an interesting take on their hack. It stands out for being an out-of-the-box concept that allowed for deeper critical thinking amongst the evaluation panel

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